Gold Medalist Powerlifter, Shrutika Raut

Meet Gold Medalist Powerlifter, Shrutika Raut and read all about how she is getting wins for this country and making us proud!

Tell us a little bit about yourself / Your story in your words.

 My name is SHRUTIKA ABHAY RAUT and I have a degree in Computer Engineering and am an  international powerlifter  who has represented India at the Asian Classic  Powerlifting Competition held at Kazakhstan in 2019, for which I won the bronze . In 2021 I represented India at the Asian Classic  Powerlifting Competition held at  Istanbul, Turkey and won GOLD over there. I have earned GOLD in the national powerlifting competition, 2019. I started my fitness journey in 2018 during some difficult times in my personal life. I joined the gym with the goal to lose weight. It all started because I was insecure about the way I looked and I had no confidence to do anything, I was afraid to meet people ,it was always in the back of my mind, “What if I get bullied?”….because I was bullied earlier in my life. When I joined the gym , I used to do only functional training batches which helped me lose some weight. After some days  I started lifting weights and soon realized that it’s not about your body weight or your looks , but it’s all about your personality, your willpower, your mindset and your dedication that helps you to fight with your  battles in your life. I am glad I started lifting, it turned into my passion which changed my life. My gym trainer noticed my lifting skills and suggested that I participate in powerlifting competitions.

Anything you wish you knew when you started your journey?

The field I’m in, you get to know things slowly and as per the experiences you have. With me I got to know about this field with the right guidance from different people, which lead me to the right path.

Who are your mentors?

My first ever mentor was Mr Bharat Jadhav sir , he was my personal trainer when I had joined the gym as a beginner and he encouraged me to lift weights. My biggest mentor,  my   powerlifting coach,  Mr Mohanish Rajiwade sir helped me understand how form, technique, mindset and dedication play an important role in powerlifting. He always  grooms me in the direction of how to be a better person in my  life. Because of his motivation and inspiration ,today I am here at this position. The most important mentors are my parents who have always supported me in everything.

Anything you wish you had spent more time/ energy on?

Yes, I wish I  actually had spent more time focusing on myself. I wish I had enrolled in the gym earlier rather than doing nothing and just sitting and being inactive. No matter what,  getting up and rising and shining bright like the sun is most important.

Tell us what it felt like winning the Gold.

Unbelievable! That’s the feeling. In the competition I gave my 100% in all my nine lifts.  I didn’t know it would win me the gold till my last lift , after my last lift I got to know that I had earned GOLD for India. . I feel blessed, I won it for my country. I am happy  because that is my contribution to the country’s wins. My parents have  sacrificed everything to support me in getting here.  This is my family’s medal,  My coach’s medal. I dedicate this GOLD to India , to my family and to my sir.

What was your goal when you started? Is it different now?

My goal was to compete on an international platform. After winning GOLD at the Asian competition, now my goal is to represent India at the World’s and earn a gold .

What is your personal fitness philosophy ?

Fitness is more than looking good. It’s a feeling of satisfaction on both the inside and outside. Don’t compare! Find what works for you and make sure it’s  something you enjoy. We are all different and so are our workouts and dietary needs.

Best advice you give to anyone who is just starting out ?

Start your journey with a proper mindset. Know your potential and enhance it . Work on your strengths and weaknesses and mainly stay DEDICATED and MOTIVATED.

Do you think Powerlifting for women needs to be more popular in India?

Yes, Powerlifting for women needs to be more popular in India. It has an amazing, welcoming community and it is  so much more than just lifting weights, it is about continual work and improvement. Powerlifting combines strength, resilience, competition, coach-athlete relationships, teamwork, and an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Powerlifting is generally perceived to be a men’s sport. Many women are not introduced to it because in India being thin is considered beautiful for women, not strong ,but a growing number of women are proving that barbells aren’t just for boys.

What is your personal experience with fitness and nutrition ?

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness is important. To be fit is to achieve a level of health and function so that you can be satisfied with your current or future goals. I think nutrition is what your body requires in day to day life and what is good for your body.

A quote that would describe you the best.

Do the things today that  others won’t, so that tomorrow you can do the things that others can’t!



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Gold Medalist Powerlifter, Shrutika Raut

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