Choosing Between Fitqii and Trainerize

Which One is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Tired of dealing with the frustrating technical issues that often accompany the use of Trainerize? Look no further than Fitqii – the fitness management platform designed to address common user problems and provide a superior experience.

Our comprehensive suite of tools simplifies fitness training for both personal trainers and their clients, allowing them to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than Trainerize ever could.

Fitqii stands out from Trainerize by offering seamless syncing with popular fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health.
Clients will never miss an update again with Fitqii, as our platform promptly displays any changes made by trainers on the app.

In addition, Fitqii provides

But that's not all - our user-friendly website loads quickly and operates smoothly, providing a seamless experience from start to finish.

Why settle for the technical issues of Trainerize when you can have a better fitness management experience with Fitqii? 

Plus, with competitive pricing, Fitqii provides unbeatable value for fitness professionals.
Easy to use interface
In app Easy Payments
Assign and edit workout templates from mobile app
Integration With Apple Health & Google Fit
Detailed Activity Tracking 
Extensive & Quick Customer Support
Roster Management
Client Attendance Tracking
Body Composition Tools & Fat Calculator

Unique features we offer

At Fitqii, we offer a range of additional features that go beyond the basic workout, nutrition, client-admin, branding, calendar, business management, chat, tracking, and Apple Health/Google Fit integration features found in other fitness apps. 
Choose Fitqii for outstanding service support and a low-cost sign-up option, and the ability to add more clients to your training roster.
Comparing Client Base and Subscription Pricing:
Fitqii v/s Trainerize
Clients Upto : Fitqii
Clients Upto : Trainerize
25 Clients/ USD 0 (INR 0)
100 Clients/ USD 49 (INR 4027)
Free500 Clients/ USD 199 (INR 16356)
1 Client/ USD 0 (INR 0)
2 Clients/ USD 5 (INR 410)
5 Clients/ USD 22 (INR (1808)

Looking to simplify and speed up your
fitness training process?  

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools that make it easy to achieve your fitness goals. Plus, with our exceptional service support, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to succeed.
Ease of management
Personal touch
Direct connect to founding team
Quick app turnaround time
Quick app implementation
Zero bugs and crashes support
Join now and experience the Fitqii difference for yourself!

Still Not Convinced?

Check out even more premium features available exclusively on our app!
Workout Planner
Guided workout videos.
Guided workout videos.
library of exercise videos
Crafting exercise plans using the mobile app
Not possible
Exercise scheduling for clients
2 Steps
Inserting extra rest intervals and notes between exercises
Not possible
Nutrition Planner
Adding meals from client side
Cannot Add Meals
Can Add Meals
No of steps to create a Plan
Can Add Meals
Creating Plans on the mobile application
Not Possible
Possible & Easy
Meal and sub meal plans
Cannot Add Meals

Trainer can Create Sub-Plans Under Original Overall Plans

Chat Feature
Sending and Receiving notifications

No notifications or indications about whether a message has been sent or received successfully. 

The app has the “double-tick” feature to show whether a message has been sent or received or not. 

Accessing trainer tools and bio
Cannot access from the chat screen

Can access from the chat screen

Program Library
Ease of assigning and overall user flow

It is much more complicated

It is much easier

Pricing of Programs

Assigning pricing to different individual programs is difficult in Trainerize

It is an easier process and each Program can be assigned different prices. 

Exercise Library
Access to exercises

Clients have access to the exercise library only when they are creating a plan. Otherwise there is no specific feature as an exercise library

Both client and trainer have access to the entire exercise library

Videos for workouts

Only 15-30 sec GIFs or videos are available. 

Entire video can be played.

Community stack
Challenges and leaderboards. 

Not Present


Challenges and leaderboards.

Not Present


Group chat

Not Present


CRM Analysis
In-depth analysis 

Less detailed

More in-depth CRM analysis

Flexibility in viewing data 

Less flexible

More Flexible

Tracking attendance

No feature

Tracking is easier and convenient

Managing and Tracking Goals
Ease of modification of goals

It is difficult to modify goals on both the client and trainer side.

It is easier and convenient to modify goals from the FitTracker page.

Distance feature

Not present


Tracking Clients progress

Difficult interface to trace individual client stats

Easier and more user friendly way to track client goals

Fitness tools – Body composition tools
Automatically Calculating Fitness features like BMI, BMR etc

Not present. You need to manually add Fat %

Following features are automatically calculated by adding basic details – BMI, BMR, TDEE. Macros for achieving goals (Calories, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fat intakes per day).

Calculating fat percentages

Manually need to add

Calculate body fat percentage and lean Body mass automatically

Viewing Measurements
Tracking Progress

Cannot track overall progress easily

Entire Progress is displayed under the Progress tab

Different ways to track measurement

Mainly focuses on measurements and photos

Photos, Measurements, Calculators