Indian Ironman Triathlete, Triathlon Coach and Youtuber and Chartered Accountant, Abhishek Avhad.

Is he a runner? Yes. Is he a cyclist? Yes. Is he a swimmer? Definitely, yes!   This is definitely a champion read!

How did you get into Endurance Sports?

It started when my colleague introduced me to running back in June 2015, I ran a few 10kms & I started loving it completely

I slowly started exploring similar events around me, & In July 2015 I came across the Ironman Triathlon. The moment I read about it, I wanted to do the race myself. So I searched for triathlons around me & was able     to  find one in Goa. I went ahead & registered for the race to be held 6   months from then. 

I learned to swim only after I registered for the race. It was one of the    hardest things I’ve ever done. The race was exhausting, but I had a wonderful time. I then went on to do multiple such races before toeing the  start line of Ironman Sweden in August 2017 

What is your schedule like when you are training for a Triathlon?

Training 5-6 days  a week with 1-2 rest days a week

Upto 90 mins to 2 hours  on the weekdays & the longer workouts are reserved for the weekends

I prefer training in the mornings & get the workout done before the work-day starts. 

Any Challenges you’ve faced during your Triathlon preparation?

The biggest challenge initially was to learn how to swim. I didn’t fear the water, but I could not swim with a good technique & doing just a few laps would be tiring. So to learn something so technical from scratch was the biggest challenge. The other roadblock was the lack of guidance back in 2015. There were hardly any coaches around & so much of the initial months went into figuring out what works & what doesn’t

Besides this, the infrastructure in Mumbai is very inadequate & the weather is unfavourable as well. For example, to be able to swim an hour in the pool without disturbance, you had to reach the pool at 6 am sharp. To run for 2 hours, you need to start the run no later than 7am, & to ride your bike safely you have to finish your ride before 8am to avoid peak traffic.  

Looking back, all these challenges really sharpened my resolve to do the race. The more challenging your training becomes, the easier the race day gets

What advice would you give to people training for a triathlon or just starting out?

Start slow & easy, learn about the sport & enjoy it instead of focusing on the outward goals of getting faster.

See how you can make this into a part of your lifestyle

What is your Philosophy when it comes to training?

Simplicity & Consistency

Do the simple things consistently & correctly instead of doing the difficult things inconsistently.

What are your thoughts on the current situation of Endurance Sports in India? 

We are still in a very nascent stage in India. The popularity has risen a lot in the last few years, and a lot more people will definitely enter the sport in the years to come!

It is going to go only upwards.  

What has been the highlight of your endurance sports journey?

Completing the Ironman Triathlon in 2017 & waving the Indian flag at the finish line.

What is your most memorable/challenging climbing trip?

The most challenging climb was during the mountaineering course in Sikkim, when we trekked from the base camp to the advanced base camp & back within a few hours.

It was very scenic but very challenging since we had to cover a lot of distance and even rappel down 100 metres within a few hours

Besides physical fitness, how has all this benefited you?

Endurance sports helped me to connect with like-minded people across all age groups, geographies, & backgrounds.

It opened up a new world socially. Besides that, it also taught me the value of being consistent & disciplined. 


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Indian Ironman Triathlete, Triathlon Coach and Youtuber and Chartered Accountant, Abhishek Avhad.

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