Power-lifter and Self-made Athlete, Kunal Singh Rajput

Tell us a little about yourself/ your fitness story.

Hi, I’m Kunal Singh Rajput. I have been lifting and training since the last eight years. Starting off as a skinny guy, I dedicated the last eight years to learning new techniques, new and proper form about the sport of powerlifting. The one sport that I love in the gym, is powerlifting. So that’s my story and how I am now a strong and dedicated Powerlifter!

-Describe your experience in the industry?
My experience in the industry is this, I learnt a lot on my own, through practice and understanding mainly. I learnt where my strengths lie and what to do to get me to a stronger place. Although it took me a long time, I believe that my passion for the sport has been the driving force for me to get to where I am today.

-Tell us about your training philosophy?
I have been training by myself for the last year and a half. So my training philosophy is to write down the workouts, do them myself to see what works and what doesn’t. This applies to when I am training either myself or my clients. Of course, each one needs a different workout and a different approach, and that is what I apply to my training sessions. Based on who I am training, I customise the training ( technique and appropriate form )

-What advice would you give somebody who wants to get into powerlifting?
The best advice I would give anyone who’s just starting or wanting to get into Powerlifting is to hire a coach or workout with someone experienced enough to show you the right form and technique. That is the basis of getting into this sport because you can’t sustain for very long with the wrong form and technique. Injuries could harm your progress or even stop you from lifting entirely. Once you learn these and also how to program your workouts, you can make it further by yourself.

What do you see as your greatest strength? Weakness?
My strength, is definitely that I am the strongest and the hardest person that I have known. I don’t believe in short-cuts and I always give it my best. Training for me is four days a week, I make sure that my nutrition is always on point and meeting all my nutritional needs. I hit 10 k – 15 k steps everyday. My strength lies in being very driven where this is concerned so that aesthetically and weightwise, I am always in Top shape.
My weakness, I believe, is that I overthink everything!

-What are your professional goals you wish to achieve in 5 – 10 years?
Currently I am very motivated to build a better future for myself and to become a better athlete. From last year I have gained a good number of followers on SM and I have reached a good level in the Powerlifting sport. In respect to the weight category that I am playing ( 66 kg ), my best are: 200 kg squat ; 130 kg bench and recently I have levelled up to 35 kg deadlift. I believe this is a good achievement and I now want to become the best ( 66 kg weight category ) athlete in India. That is my main goal right now and I believe that I will achieve that goal by the end of this year. I can’t say for now where I’ll be in the next 5 – 10 years, but I know this, every year I am improving so definitely a better and better version of me.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a positive fitness influencer like you?
The advice is this, don’t think about what people think or say about what you are doing. If you believe in yourself just do whatever you want to do. I quit my job, started my own gym, got my own set-up. Everything is totally worth it if you work on yourself, trust yourself, and God is always there for you.


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Power-lifter and Self-made Athlete, Kunal Singh Rajput

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