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Grow Your Business with Fitqii's Advanced Client Portal

Clients have option to:

Special Chat Feature

With the use of emojis, gifs, and online status indicators, clients and coaches can engage in fun and meaningful conversations that help build a strong relationship. 

Client Management Made Easy

Managing clients has never been easier with Fitqii’s user-friendly client management system. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking progress and goals manually.

Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to 

Macro Tracking & Crafting Plans

You can track your client’s macronutrient intake (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) to ensure that they’re meeting their daily requirements. 

Client Management Made Easy

Fitqii’s analytics and reporting feature offers a weekly summary of goal management that allows you to monitor your business performance and keep track of your clients’ progress
With these valuable insights, you can make informed decisions based on data to improve your business and enhance your clients’ outcomes.

Educational Resources

Fitqii’s extensive resource library provides a wealth of information to keep you informed about the latest trends, research, and best practices in the nutrition field

Community Support

Fitqii offers a community of like-minded nutritionists who can provide support, advice, and encouragement. 
Our community is a great resource for networking, sharing ideas, and staying motivated on your journey as a nutritionist.

Expert Customer Support

Fitqii offers unparalleled customer support, including bug fixes and technical assistance. 
Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the tools & support you need to enhance your services & expand your practice.

Competitive Pricing

Fitqii offers competitive pricing that fits your budget and helps you grow your practice without breaking the bank. 
Choose from a range of pricing plans to find the one that works best for you and your business.


  • Upto 100 clients
  • Fitqii App


  • Upto 500 clients
  • Custom branded app


As per requirement
  • Unlimited clients
  • Custom branded app
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