Choosing Between Fitqii and My PT Hub:

What You Need to Know?

Fitqii is the clear choice over My PT Hub when it comes to fitness management software. 

Our feature-rich platform provides trainers with the flexibility and control they need to support their clients in every step of their fitness journey.

Fitqii also offers additional tools to ensure that your clients receive the best possible experience

We value your time and have streamlined our app to make it easy to switch between tasks and access data and expert assistance effortlessly.

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Choose Fitqii for a superior fitness management experience, and say goodbye to the frustration of unreliable and complicated apps.

Start achieving your business goals with confidence today.

User Friendly Interface
Create workout plans
In app Payments
Easy to navigate diet plans
Roster Management
Client Attendance Tracking
Custom Branding
Mobile Application Availability
Integration with Wearable Devices
CRM Analysis and Website
Schedule and View Upcoming Appointments
Note based exercise guidance
Craft Diet Plans
Easy Interface to create workout templates
Functionality to add Sets,  Reps and Weight
Easily Track Meals and Nutrition Plan
Faster Process for Adding Meals and Quantity
Option to Select Food Units
Nutrition Tracker Access to Clients

Unique features we offer

At Fitqii, we offer a range of additional features that go beyond the basic workout, nutrition, client-admin, branding, calendar, business management, chat, tracking, and Apple Health/Google Fit integration features found in other fitness apps. 

Choose Fitqii for outstanding service support and a low-cost sign-up option, and the ability to add more clients to your training roster.

With competitive pricing, Fitqii provides unbeatable value for fitness professionals.
Subscription Plan: Fitqii v/s My PT Hub
Custom Plans
Personalized Package
Additional Enrollment Benefits

Looking to simplify and speed up your
fitness training process?  

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools that make it easy to achieve your fitness goals. Plus, with our exceptional service support, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to succeed.
Ease of management
Personal touch
Direct connect to founding team
Quick app turnaround time
Quick app implementation
Zero bugs and crashes support
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